Data Breach Trends: 2017 in Review

Data Breach Trends: 2017 in Review

A recent survey by FutureNautics revealed that fewer than one in eight crew members on maritime vessels are
even aware of cyber policies, which can pose a huge concern for maritime operations.

In a recent report by cyber security analytics and consulting firm Risk Based Security, the firm stated there were 5,200 breaches reported in 2017, exposing approximately 7.89 billion records and making 2017 the “worst year on record” for data breaches. Compared to 2016, the number of reported breaches is up 24.1% and the number of exposed records is up 24.3%.

Is your company prepared for a data breach? Click the image below to check out our latest infographic which highlights more interesting findings from the Risk Based Security study.

Download PDF - Data Breach Infographic

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