Top 10 Longshore Insider Blogs of 2018

Top 10 Longshore Insider Blogs of 2018

The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. launched its blog in April 2009. Moderated by longshore expert Jack Martone, the blog focused on providing valuable information, advice, and commentary on the United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act to waterfront employers and marine brokers.

Earlier this year, after 216 blogs written, we re-launched the blog under a new name – Longshore Insider – and expanded the scope of our content to align with all areas of expertise at AEU. You’ll still find Jack’s thorough and educated review of the Act’s nuances, as well as relevant guidance on safety practices, claims, operations and personnel.

As we approach our 10th year, it seems only fitting to recap the top 10 most popular blogs from 2018.


1. What is Considered Compensation Under the Longshore Act?

The Longshore Act is complex, even in seemingly straightforward situations such as how “compensation” is defined. Are medical benefits considered compensation? What about funeral benefits, attorney fees, or interest?


2. Determining Situs & Status: The Saga Continues

The concepts of status and situs often arise in Longshore Act discussions. In this article, we review five scenarios that demonstrate why it’s not easy to determine if an employee is covered.


3. 7 Things to Remember When an Employee Has an Accident at Work

How employers react to accidents can set the tone for the entire claims resolution process. When an employee suffers an accident, it’s important that their employer keeps in mind seven key points.


4. 3 Best Practices for Managing an Aging Workforce

This article highlights three key best practices that will not only help reduce injury rates and improve health of aging workers, but will also positively impact your bottom line.


5. Jones Act - Economic Friend or Foe?

Both supporters and critics of the controversial Jones Act claim to have best interests of the U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair industries in mind. Is a permanent waiver of the act on the horizon?


6. Jones Act or Longshore Act… or Both?

This article discusses the problematic coverage issues that arise where the Jones Act and the Longshore Act overlap in the so-called “Uncertainty Zone”. 


7. Are Dinner Cruises Covered Under the Longshore Act?

The Longshore Act states that employees of recreational operations are excluded by the Act. Would dinner cruise employees fall under this exclusion? With limited case law, the answer is unclear.


8. A Question of Evidence: The ALJ and the Benefits Review Board

This case shows what happens when the ALJ and the Benefits Review Board disagree on what constitutes as “evidence”.


9. Entitlement to Benefits Following Voluntary Retirement

When an employee retires, are they entitled to benefits under the Longshore Act if they undergo medical treatment for a workplace injury which occurred prior to retirement? The answer: it depends.


10. State Guarantee Funds - Understanding Potential Gaps in Longshore Act Coverage

State insurance laws creating and governing guarantee funds come with varying restrictions and conditions that can put employers in a tough position if their insurance carrier fails to pay claims.

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