Top Ten Longshore Questions

Top Ten Longshore Questions
As I’ve said, over the years the same Longshore questions have been coming up again and again, and now with AEUs Longshore BLOG there’s a source where these questions can be answered. So here’s my list of the “Top Ten” recurring Longshore questions:

Does the Longshore Act apply only to U.S. citizens?

Does the Longshore Act apply overseas?

What are the “navigable waters of the United States”?

What is a subdivision of a state government?

Can you exclude corporate officers under the Longshore Act?

Can small employers opt out of the Longshore Act?

How do you measure the 10 day rule for paying Formal Awards under §914(f)?

Does the Longshore Act apply in Guam? In Puerto Rico? In the Virgin Islands? In the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas?

What does “joint and several” liability mean? And what does “several not joint” liability mean? And why is this very important?

Why is Longshore Act insurance so expensive?

Is the Longshore Act fair to employers?

What’s the difference between the Longshore Act and the Jones Act?

What is a vessel? What is a crewmember?

What is the difference between state act comp and the Longshore Act?

Where can I buy Longshore Act insurance?

Do I need Longshore Act insurance?

The answers to these, and any other questions introduced by BLOG visitors, will be offered in upcoming postings.

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