Smooth Sailing: How to Streamline the USL&H Claims Process

Smooth Sailing: How to Streamline the USL&H Claims Process

At AEU, we strive to provide members the resources they need to minimize risk and reduce workplace injuries. Still, we know that accidents happen — and they can be made worse by a drawn-out, complicated claims process.  Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you’ll find the tips below helpful in ensuring your claim is handled smoothly.



As an employer, it’s your job to provide a safe workplace for your staff; as an employee, it’s your job to operate within your organization’s safety guidelines. Everyone at your company should take the safety program seriously and familiarize themselves with the rights outlined in the Longshore Act. Employers should partner with a USL&H provider that is well-versed in the law so that claims can be handled thoughtfully and efficiently.



The more information you can provide about an accident, the better. Because the Department of Labor requires that an accident report be provided, employers should act quickly to investigate an accident, generating all necessary reports such as the LS-202 within a day if possible. Assign a point person for handling the investigation and submit all information (such as a witness list, photographs, and other evidence) to your USL&H provider within two days. Employees should help facilitate the investigation to the best of their abilities and take an active role in providing details of the event.



Consistent communication between the employer, employee, and claims specialist will help ensure that a claim is being handled as efficiently as possible. Employers should reach out to an injured employee’s family immediately after an accident happens, and continue to support a worker during follow-up treatment and recovery. Employees should make an effort to be available for discussions with their employer and claims specialists, and proactively communicate updates on their progress. If everyone is willing to work together and keep open lines of communication, the claims process will run smoothly.



Employers and employees should both be active participants in all matters related to the claim. Respond quickly to requests for information from your USL&H provider and take advantage of resources to track the progress of your claim. When all parties actively monitor and contribute to the claims process, it helps the claim be resolved smoothly and gets the employee back to work without a worry.

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